Intimacy, connection and sexual wellness products should be reliable, simple and accessible without shame or exclusion.

Shared Experiences

There are two key reasons why Rosewell exists.

Disconnected by the outdated, hyper-sexualised and graphic nature often experienced when purchasing sexual wellness goods, rosewell was born out of a desire to strip these feelings of discomfort and uncertainty when exploring products.

Furthermore, after discovering a world of unregulated, confusing and unreliable products, ensuring products were reliable, well made of medical-grade materials and explained clearly was the core focus of the inception of rosewell.

This modern approach was solidified with the first capsule collection, centred on minimal products which are designed to enhance intimacy through straight-forward designs, beautiful materials and simple guides.


Intimacy products should last years, not three months. They shouldn’t degrade, fall apart or break.

Devices of this nature are considered bio-waste. This means they are unsafe and unacceptable to be disposed of in household waste, yet it’s hard to find proper advise on how to dispose of them.

When products are created in high-volume with cheap materials, they don’t last. As they contain batteries and cannot be recycled in standard centres, they contribute to a cycle of waste.

We order small quantities from our production partner, ensuring supply meets demand. Secondly, we pay for your devices to be safely disposed of properly when you send them back to us, judgement free.

You’ll never find plastic in our products and our two year warranty is twice the industry standard.


Accessible sexual wellness essentials to enhance intimacy for everybody.


We’ll always be honesty in how we operate and communicate as a human-centric company. Open access to information is our default. We say what we mean with care, attention and thoughtfulness.


We put humans at the forefront of design. Our products are designed to be reliable, accessible and created with medical-grade materials. We believe everybody and every body deserves intimacy.


Our impact goes beyond products. We’re driven by improving sex education, the experience of purchasing sexual products and starting conversations that normalise sexual wellbeing.


At each step, we utilise packaging, products, ingredients and processes that mitigate waste. From glass bottles to recycled paper goods and plans to accept used goods for local silicone recycling.


Made by humans, for humans.


We’re a team of women based in Brisbane, Australia. Our backgrounds are in finance, technology and marketing.


Like you, we were consumers unhappy and intimidated with the legacy experience. We are here for you, everyday people, to create products that encourage moments of intimacy.


We’re a proudly self-funded, small and driven start-up independant of external investors (meaning our consumers are our #1 focus.)


Creating a brand with integrity, transparency and meaning matters to us. This might mean lower profits and harder work, but the sustainability and reputation of rosewell is at the core of what we do.

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