Meet Bean.

Get to know our best-selling vibe.

Bean is crafted with consideration to your body and every body’s unique version of intimacy, made with the highest quality materials coupled with discrete but powerful modes.

We encourage you to explore Bean and tailor your own experience. 




Manual and Warranty












Unboxing Bean

Bean is a small, palm size vibe shaped like its namesake. Bean arrives in a rectangle hold. Simply hold the bean by its side and remove from the box.

Charging Bean

  1. To charge, connect the including USB charger cord to a compatible power outlet (such as an Apple or Android plug).
  2. Plug Bend in to charge via the tinypin-sized hole located on the bottom tip of Bean, below the ‘on’ button, between the ‘U’ shape. Push it in gently.
  3. Bean will flash to indicate charging.
  4. Charge Bean in full (1 hour) before first use. Once charging is complete, the light will remain solid. To preserve battery life, charge after every use. Do not let Bean run out of charge.

Travel Mode

Bean will arrive in travel mode. To turn off travel mode, hold the on/off button down for 3 seconds, and then release. A single pulse will let you know Bean is on and ready to use.


Your vibe is automatically registered under our two year warranty upon purchase.

Use + Modes

Bean has 8 modes. Press the on/off button once to change mode. Move through each of the 8 functions, and familiarise yourself with the patterns, speed and power. Bean is designed for external use, either partnered or solo.


Bean is not recommended for oral use. Bean is not recommended for internal use. Do not use Bean on injured or irritated skin. If pain or discomfort occurs, consult a doctor. Be mindful of piercings and keep away from children. Do not attempt to open Bean. Bean is waterproof up to 1 metre, however, it is not recommended to leave Bean submerged in water for any period of time.


We recommend partnering Bean with an Oil or water-based lubricant, and placing on any area of the skin that feels enjoyable. There is no right or wrong way to use Bean, provided it is used safely. 


With respect to our planet, Rosewell encourages intentional and mindful purchasing. We do not accept returns for a simple change of mind, but please get in touch with us directly at contact@byrosewell for a judgement-free discussion.

If an item arrives damaged or with a major fault, please email us at contact@byrosewell.com and we will organise a replacement, credit or refund.


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