How to set the mood: a guide




While setting the mood may sound cheesy, it’s an important part of maintaining long, healthy romantic lives with our significant other.

In fact, a 2017 study of 40,000 people found that mood-setting was the number one thing that couples did to keep that spark alive.

The reason being? Our environment affects our mood. Ever walked in the forest and felt completely, totally at ease? Changing up your physical space can change how you feel – whether that’s calm, creative, or in the mood. What’s more, according to Dr Amee Bard, our brains are our biggest sex organ.

Setting the mood doesn’t have to be an arduous task, and it will mean different things to everyone depending on your preferences. Here’s some easy ways to get started.

Turn phones and other distractions off
If there’s one simple, free, and easy thing you can do that will have a huge impact, it’s to switch off from digital distractions. To actively choose to switch off and spend quality time together, is to let your partner know that amongst all of the options competing for your attention – you are choosing them.

Dim the lights
The best kind of mood lighting is soft and warm, and not coming from overhead. The easiest way to achieve it? Turn the lights off, and burn your favourite candle. Candles are romantic, period.

Consider the senses
Each of the senses can be incorporated in different ways to add variety into your intimate life.

For the visual people, it could mean clearing your space, or wearing a sexy outfit. To add smell to the mix, try a touch of cologne or perfume, or a scented candle. Experimenting with touch could mean a massage, or a vibe. Music is an aphrodisiac – consider a specially curated playlist. There’s many options, what matters is the thought to make a night-in that little extra special.

Make eye contact. Have a conversation.
There’s few things more intimate than a deep conversation. One where two people feel like they just know each other. Add to that eye contact – scientifically proven to produce the chemical responsible for feelings of attraction – and the mood is officially set.

Love Deeply may be a good place to start.