Modern Valentines: Dan + Christina | Rosewell

Modern Valentines: Dan + Christina



After eight years together, Dan and Christina have shared their twenties within a partnership creating ties well into their future.

Despite the unusual circumstances of their initial meeting (at a pre-drinks party hosted by none other than Christina’s ex-boyfriend) they’ve maintained a close and connected relationship ever since. 

Like many couples, Dan and Christina are frequently separated by work. Adding that to their move to another state not even two years ago, they’ve built a home together by ensuring they feel supported, heard and appreciated.

As we’ve all experienced, their individual interests vary. However, Christina tells us that when they are both invested in the same thing, they thrive. She shares a story of how much joy the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race brought her – only surpassed by the joy generated by Dan holding his very own (and perhaps not as impressive) runway walks to make her laugh. Taking the time and effort to be interested in things the other is has created intimacy in new and wonderful ways.

A moment of true connectedness was an unexpected time, when they made the decision to consider bringing a dog into their home. Such a seemingly simple experience was, as Christina puts it, “looking at each other and knowing, we’re taking this dog home, this is our family and the next stage of our life.” Feeling like a unit, surrounded by warmth and excitement gave this couple the opportunity to reflect on how they are now and what they’d love to continue into the future.