Bend in Deep Blue

Double coated in super soft, medical-grade silicone and designed to be shaped to your preference with a bendable body. Perfect deep blue colour with an emerald active light.


139 in stock (can be backordered)


Medical Grade Silicone

TINY 75G WEIGHT, 13.6CM when straightened


Use full length/straight or as a curve

Travel Mode Built-In


One single button for ease of use


Long-lasting and quick USB recharge

Waterproof and safe for use in water

Comes with a USB charging cable (only)


8 speeds / modes

“The flexibility makes it useable in so many areas.”



—   Can be bent up to 180 degrees
—   Easy to use with a single button
—   8 speed and mode variations
—   Travel mode built-in
—   Coated completely in ultra soft silicone
—   Incredibly quiet (under 50 decibels)
—   Comes with cotton storage bag


—   Medical-grade (highest quality) silicone
—   Run time of up to 2.5 hours
—   Super light (75 grams)
—   USB rechargeable in around 1 hour
—   Latex and phalate free
—   Waterproof up to 1m
—   800 mah battery capacity


Bend can be used for any gender with the ability to enhance experiences through a bendable body, tapered tip, divided pulse point and a quiet but powerful motor. With a two year warranty, manual, storage bag and reliable materials, Bend is designed to last.

Bend composition and materials

Bean is completely covered in soft, gentle and medical-grade silicone. Our materials are certified to be free of phalates, hypoallergenic, latex-free and containing no toxins. Medical-grade silicone is specifically designed to be used for long periods of time on and in the body, which is the highest grade silicone possible for sex toys.

Why is this so important? Unfortunately, there are no mandatory regulatory standards for adult toys in Australia. That means there’s no real definition for ‘body-safe’ and what that material needs to be. Read more here. 

Speeds / modes of the Bend

You’ll experience eight modes in total. The first three are purely speed/strength with the remaining five changing between pulse modes, with either consistent waves of movement or alternating pulses. The variation in speeds/modes can be changed with a simple quick button press.

How to use Bend

Bend will arrive in travel mode. Simply hold the button for 3 seconds and let go. A single pulse combined with a dim light will let you know the device is turned on. We recommend charging in full before use. Lift the insert up to find the USB charger. After plugging in, the light will slowly flash during charge before remaining steady to indicate a full charge (typically within an hour).

We recommend using Bend externally, with insertion to be kept to less than halfway (right after the bulb.) It’s important to never fully insert the bend given it’s small size.

Bend can be held straight for gentle internal use or can be gently bent around 180 degrees for placement during partnered intimacy. Additionally, the tip can be used externally at the same time as the Bend ending can be inserted.

Where can the Bend go

Completely waterproof (yes, including the absolutely tiny pin charging point), Bend can be used in water, with an aloe, water or oil based lubricant and can be used anywhere on the body that creates enjoyment for you.

2 reviews for Bend Vibe in Deep Blue

  1. Zoe H

    I purchased both Bean and Bend. The package came beautifully wrapped with such thoughtful extras. My favourite part about Bend is how it shapes to your body. I usually prefer to use Bend solo, and Bean for partnered use.

  2. Claire

    It’s so soft and super easy to use with and without a partner. I personally like how easy the button is to use.

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