Cues Duo

A limited collection of both Intimacy Cues, Dinner Parties and Love Deeply. Experience elevated, engaging and emotionally-driven card games with 50 questions to encourage connection with others (friends, family and strangers for Dinner Parties and romantic partners for Love Deeply.) A few cards can create hours long discussions, so come vulnerable.


36 in stock

Designed in Australia

Printed in Australia


Designed for multiple sessions

50 Cards in total


2 - 6 Players

“I wasn’t expecting to hear different viewpoints on some questions, yet feel so connected with others. I feel really open after the two hours we spent talking.”



Cues Duo is limited edition bundle of our two Intimacy Cues card decks. Designed to be played between friends, strangers and even couples.
Who can play Love Deeply?

Love Deeply can be played between romantic partners – from casual people in a two week relationship through to those in a two decade marriage. However, be aware this game is meant to enhance intimacy – so some may generate emotional responses.

Who can play Dinner Parties?

Dinner Parties can be played between 2 – 6 people. The game can be played with a group of friends, your family or even strangers. However, be aware this game is meant to enhance intimacy – so some may generate emotional responses.

How do we play Intimacy Cues decks?

Each person will draw a card, read the question and answer first before allowing each person in the group to share their own answers. The game itself may generate some pretty emotional responses, so approach each session with kindness, empathy and a willingness to be vulnerable. It’s encouraged to answer with honesty and avoiding skipping answers.

Will this arrive before Valentines Day?

For those within Brisbane, you have until Saturday 13th of February at midnight to order as these will be hand delivered. For those in Sydney and Melbourne, Thursday 11th February at 12pm AEST is the latest you can order to meet Australia Post express. For Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and all regional towns, please order before Wednesday 10th February. 


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