Dinner Parties

An elevated, engaging and emotionally-driven card game with 50 questions to encourage connection with friends, family—even strangers. A few cards can create hours long discussions, so come vulnerable.


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Designed in Australia

Printed in Australia


Designed for multiple sessions

50 Cards in total


2 - 6 Players

“Sometimes hard to answer, but really interesting to relate to my friends with shared experiences.”



Who can play Dinner Parties?

Dinner Parties can be played between 2 – 6 people. The game can be played with a group of friends, your family or even strangers. However, be aware this game is meant to enhance intimacy – so some may generate emotional responses.

How do we play Dinner Parties?

Each person will draw a card, read the question and answer first before allowing each person in the group to share their own answers. The game itself may generate some pretty emotional responses, so approach each session with kindness, empathy and a willingness to be vulnerable. It’s encouraged to answer with honesty and avoiding skipping answers.

How many cards are in a deck?

You’ll discover 50 questions divided into categories: Emotional and Intellectual intimacy.

Where is Dinner Parties printed?

Dinner Parties is proudly printed on FSC-certified paper, within Australia and is not shrink wrapped (no plastic.) It can be recycled. 

2 reviews for Dinner Parties

  1. Linda

    I have played a version of these “conversation cards” from other well known companies before, but have found the questions asked in “Dinner Parties” to be more thought-provoking and engaging. Within the two times I have used “Dinner Parties” (and within different circles of close friends), I have found hours passing over the discussion of 2-4 cards. I would recommend “Dinner Parties” for those wanting to explore vulnerability and connection in both new and established friendships.

  2. Christina

    Dinner Parties was actually really lovely, I played it last night with a newish friend and I left that conversation feeling very connected & warm ♥️

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