Love Deeply

A considered, thought-provoking and intentional card game with 50 questions to deepen relationships and romantic connections. No matter where you are in your relationship—brand new or 20 years in—you’ll have the opportunity to learn about one another.


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Designed in Australia

Printed in Australia


Designed for multiple sessions

50 Cards in total


Designed for partners (new and long-term)

“I wasn’t expecting to hear different viewpoints on some questions, yet feel so connected with others. I feel really open after the two hours we spent talking.”



LOVE DEEPLY is an intimacy cues card deck designed to be played with partners – brand new, casual, long-term, married or other. Deepen relationships and romantic connections or simply explore thoughts, opinions and feelings otherwise undiscovered.


Who can play Love Deeply?

Love Deeply was created with romantic partners in mind (casual, long-term or brand new) that are looking to learn more about each other. We promise, you’ll hear something unexpected when you play.

How do we play Love Deeply?

Set the scene in a way which makes you feel comfortable with your partner(s). This might be with soft lighting, a great playlist or even over a morning coffee. Each person will draw a card, read the question and allow the other to answer. The game itself may generate some emotional responses, challenging opinions or create a strong desire to be intimate, so approach each session with openness, empathy and a clear mind. 

How many cards are in a deck?

You’ll discover 50 questions divided into categories: Connection, Experience, Physical and Thoughts

Where is Love Deeply printed?

Love Deeply is proudly printed on FSC-certified paper, within Australia and is not shrink wrapped (no plastic.) It can be recycled.

1 review for Love Deeply

  1. Michael

    Not all that comfortable with being vulnerable but my wife and I played this over dinner and ended up four hours into a conversation.

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Dinner Parties, a sweeter alternative to scrabble.

A card game to bring together close friends or even strangers at a table. Learn how those you’re spending time with really feel about topics and explore your connections.


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